What is an Appraisal?

Appraisal Services

A vehicle appraisal, much like a real estate appraisal, is a professional opinion of value based on recent historical data of comparable sales, condition, rarity, originality/upgrades/modifications, and overall value based on professional guides like Kelly Blue Book. In the case of classic vehicles, we use NADA Classic Car Guides. The benefit of using our trained appraiser versus an online price guide or insurance appraiser? We are a neutral, non-biased third party that can see your vehicle first hand to determine value. 


Our on-staff appraiser will take into consideration all pertinent factors regarding your vehicle, giving you the strongest estimate he can regarding your vehicle’s overall value. Please remember though, appraisals are only an opinion of value and cannot factor in things like sentimental value. 


Use our handy Contact Us form for more information on appraisals and other services we offer. Our appraisal fee is $150 per vehicle.