We’ve Got Parts Up To Our Ears

We’ve got parts up to our ears, and we’ve had to expand online to help get these vintage classic car and truck parts and accessories sold! Come see what’s up!

We have a wide variety of parts and accessories in our shop. Recently we added a Square online store, as well as our Etsy page, HotRodTreasures. These new changes have been keeping Lynn in the office busy! She has been getting the inventory inputted, syncing with our webpage (check here!), and with our Facebook shop.

In the shops, our mechanics have been busy getting these vehicles in our bays worked on. Unfortunately our hot temps sure haven’t helped much. Next week is going to be the last (hopefully) of the high temps, so please keep our mechanics in your thoughts. They’ve been starting work two hours early so they can go home early, just to try to beat the heat. 

’66 Chevrolet Impala SS

The ’66 Impala SS is now in the shop getting prepped so we can start working on the body. The exterior trim and emblems are being removed and stored, the front fenders have been removed, and the engine is out of the car. All the glass has been safely removed and stored away. Check out the updated photo gallery here.

’67 Dodge Dart

We’re still waiting on some parts for the Dart, so that is currently still on our lot. Unfortunately we don’t have any updated photos at this time.

’76 AMC Gremlin

The Gremlin got some touch-ups on the body and primer before we went on to paint. The bucket seats for the front are getting their new skins assembled by a local upholsterer, and the mock-ups he has made look very cool and promising! The seats should be done soon, and then he’ll start work on the door panels. It is finally starting to cool down just a smidge, so we’re crossing our fingers that the next paint we can get on the car will be the interior in black. Check out our updated gallery photos here to see our progress!

’53 Willys Jeep Truck

This black beauty is getting its interior finished with the upholsterer. He is working on the seats and finishing up the interior carpeting and door panels. Unfortunately we don’t have any updated photos at this time.
’77 Ford F100 Pickup
We’ve been chipping away at this one, along with the others in our shop, and right now we’re taking a break on it to get a few others buttoned up and more room in the shop bays. Unfortunately no photos at this time.
’66 Chevrolet Caprice
The Caprice is out at the customer’s upholsterer getting finished on the inside, and then it will be on its way back to us to get the trim and finishing touches in place. Unfortunately no photos at this time.