Columbia Auto Repair and Sales is an authorized dealer of Great Northern and Continental Cargo. The trailers we offer are manufactured here in Oregon and are built by Oregonians. We take pride in supporting our local and state economy. Our trailers are quality built and will last through many years of use.


We offer a variety of trailers, including dump, enclosed, flatbed, utility, and gooseneck. If a base model doesn’t fit your needs, most trailers can be customized with extra footage, ramps, tie downs, paint colors, and more.

We also have a dump trailer and flatbed available to rent for daily or weekly use. 

Please note when ordering a trailer that manufacturing may take 8+ weeks on average, depending on the manufacturer. Manufacturing times for customized trailers vary. These timelines are subject to change depending on supply availability due to COVID-19.

Due to limited space on our lot and high product demand, all trailers are by custom order only until further notice. We apologize for any inconvenience.


Trailer Financing is Available Through Third Parties Only

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