• Dufur Threshing Bee and Car Show

    Head out to the Dufur Threshing Bee and Car Show on August 13th in beautiful Dufur, Oregon. Round out the Cruise the Gorge weekend in this quaint picturesque community, and learn all about Dufur history, what threshing is, and take a tour of historic Dufur.   *This event is put on by the Mid Columbia Car Club. This is not an event put on by Columbia Auto Repair and Sales, we are sharing to help spread the word about this event.*

  • What's Happening

    Cherry Festival Weekend

    It’s Cherry Festival Weekend, and we’ve got so much going on, it’s hard to keep it all straight! From a new mechanic to moving forward on projects, there’s always something going on.   1976 AMC Gremlin We’ve got PAINT! This car has been an ongoing WIP and we’ve finally passed the paint hurdle. Now we can move on to getting the engine and transmission re-installed, get the interior dash and wiring done, putting in the upholstery, and adding the final exterior finishing details to make this car shine.   1970 VW Karmann Ghia This blue beauty is nearly done. We had to do some touchup work on the paint, but…