• Tygh Valley Classic Car Show

    The Tygh Valley Classic Car Show will be held on Saturday, September 9th, 2023 at the Barnwood Barber Shop in Tygh Valley, OR from 11AM – 4PM. All proceeds from the car show benefit the Tygh School Community Center. To register or sign up as a vendor or sponsor, call 541-483-0902.   *This event is put on by the Tygh School Community Center and the Barnwood Barber Shop. This is not an event put on by Columbia Auto Repair and Sales, we are sharing to help spread the word about this event.*

  • What's Happening

    Happy New Year and All That Jazz

    Happy New Year and all that jazz! 2023 has started off wet and dreary with a hefty side of brr, but we’re hanging in there and enjoying when the sun peeks out. Projects keep coming in and out of the shops, and with our newly repaired shop doors, we’re good to go! They have a saying that your day/month/year is what you make of it, and we’re determined to make 2023 our year for fun, growth, and community. We’ve got a few community events in the works for car enthusiasts and trailer clients alike, so be sure to check out our community events calendar where we’ll post our events and…