March 22, 2022

March 22, 2022 Update

The start of 2022 came on like a rocket and we are just now able to catch up with you all! We’re going to try out a new blog feature to keep it all neat and tidy. Our service bays are overflowing with various projects, so much so that we had to get a storage facility to house the excess projects that are waiting in the wings or are waiting for parts. We brought in a new mechanic who’s a native from The Dalles and just moved back to town, which has helped relieve some of the workload from our regular mechanics.


Here is where we’re at on our current project vehicles:

1966 Chevrolet Impala

We just started on this classic sleeping beauty! The engine was removed today after a rough start getting it into the service bay. This popular classic car will be a total frame-off restoration project. Check out the new photo gallery here.

1976 AMC Gremlin

Body has been painted a primer, and the engine bay has been painted a springy shade of green. Seats are going to be reupholstered in a black vinyl and a fun surprise fabric (you’ll have to wait to see what that is!). Once the seats are getting reupholstered, we’ll also be installing a new carpet and headliner in the car. Check out the updated photo gallery here.

1972 Dodge Dart

This car had some bodywork done and new paint. Next up will be a new vinyl top and new front and back windows. Check out the updated photo gallery here.

1953 Willy’s Jeep Truck

This truck was another frame off restoration. The body has been painted in primer, new black paint job, and the interior has been sound deadened with Dynamat. Next up will be a new headliner, windows reinstalled, and the interior trim and upholstery finished. Check out the updated photo gallery here.

1973 Chevrolet Camaro

The green machine is what we call her, and she came to us needing some TLC. She had some little things wrong with her and we’ve encountered some bumps and issues along the way. We’ve . Check out the updated photo gallery here.

1974 Chevrolet Corvette

This Corvette is another one that came to us with some mechanical and technical issues that we’ve been working on. A new carburetor, rebuilt intake manifold, and repaired dash were first on the list. Next up we corrected an….interesting mechanical issue that we found while working on the gauge cluster in the dash. The driver’s side door latch was replaced and the driver’s side seat was sitting crooked, so we repaired the seat mechanism. Check out the updated photo gallery here.

1983 Chevrolet Step-side

This beloved truck was brought to us by a family who wanted it brought back to life. First up was getting the truck running, then we’ll be replacing the steering column, instrument cluster, and rebuilding the front suspension. Once all that is complete we will reassess and go from there. Check out the updated photo gallery here.

1996 Chevrolet Silverado

This customer’s truck was brought to us with some paint and body damage. We have painted it in primer gray, then did a two tone, three stage paint job on it with a final clear coat. What was once dulled from time and weather is now a fabulous blue and gray/silver color. Final stages of restoration and repair will be to reassemble the truck bed to the frame and apply the trim pieces. Check out the updated photo gallery here.