Our Restoration Policies

Our restoration policies

At Columbia Auto Repair and Sales are in place to protect both you, our customer, and our business. When you come in to discuss a restoration project with us, you will be presented with a copy of these policies to go in your file. This agreement must be signed prior to bringing the vehicle to us for restoration.

Due to the extensive nature of the restoration process, providing an exact estimate of the total cost (and time) of the entire restoration project cannot be provided. We will be happy to provide a “ballpark” figure as to the cost of the project, but this figure will likely vary once work commences. A general estimate can be given to you, but unexpected fixes that may need addressing as we dig into your car, as well as additional repairs or alterations that are requested by you, will add additional costs and time to the project.

Our billing policies and procedures

  1. A minimum deposit equal to 50% of the initial estimate is required at the time of signing this agreement. This deposit will be applied to all a labor hours and materials until the deposit amount is depleted. At the time of drop off, the Customer and Columbia Auto Repair and Sales will outline a “scope of work.” This will be agreed upon by both the Customer and Columbia Auto Repair and Sales at the time of initial inspection. Any changes to this plan or additions or deletions in or outside the initial “scope of work” that come up as the project progresses will be again agreed upon by both the shop and the Customer with a signed and acknowledged addendum.
  2. Incremental payments/deposits will be made as the project progresses when the prior deposit is down to $ 500 or less. Customers will be advised as their project moves to the next “phase” and will be invited to come and review the progression and issue another payment. (Progress photos and reports will be made available to the Customer upon request at any time during the process). In the event a deposit is due on your account, payment will be required within 3 days. Work will not commence until payment is received. If payment due is not received within 3 days, a storage fee of $ 35/day will be applied. If, after 60 days, a payment has not been received, a garage lien will be placed on the car for the amount owed, and the car will be sold at auction.
  3. Restoration charges will be billed on a “time and materials” basis. Time spent on projects will be added to the Customer’s invoice, with a brief description of the work performed and a list of materials used. Our shop rate is $95 per labor hour. Invoices will also include an item titled “Consumables.” These supplies will include such items as putty, cleaning solvents, abrasives, tape, paper, rags etc. This cost will be a minimum of $ 25.00 or 3% of the labor cost of the current invoice, whichever is greater. Costs for specific parts, primers, paint, undercoating etc. will be individually outlined on your bill.
  4. Vehicle transportation fees for pick up and/or drop off are $ 150 each way up to 30 miles. After 30 miles, a charge of $ 15.00 each additional 10 miles will incur.
  5. All outside service work will be marked up at our customary percentage to cover transportation and administrative costs.
  6. Unless requested by the customer, Columbia Auto Repair and Sales will purchase all parts and supplies needed for the project. Customer agrees to a retail markup for all parts provided and supplied by Columbia Auto Repair and Sales. Parts supplied by the Customer will carry no warranty through Columbia Auto Repair and Sales, and Customer will be responsible for replacement of defective, customer supplied parts and any delays this causes to the project. Customer will be charged the additional labor time to install the replacement part.
  7. Columbia Auto Repair and Sales accepts the following payments: CASH, CASHIER’S CHECK, MONEY ORDER, CHECK, VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX OR DISCOVER. Please note that payments made via credit or debit card will be subject to a 3% service fee per transaction.
  8. Vehicles placed on “Hold” by the Customer, or completed and not picked up after 3 days, will be held for 60 days at a rate of $ 35/day. On day 60, paperwork will be prepared to acquire a garage lien on the vehicle. The vehicle will then be put up for auction to pay off the balance owed on the vehicle.
  9. The Customer, at any time, may remove the vehicle upon complete payment of all outstanding invoices. Vehicles are not released until account balances are paid in full.
  10. Insurance on the vehicle, while in possession of Columbia Auto Repair and Sales, is the responsibility of the owner.