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  • What's Happening

    Happy New Year and All That Jazz

    Happy New Year and all that jazz! 2023 has started off wet and dreary with a hefty side of brr, but we’re hanging in there and enjoying when the sun peeks out. Projects keep coming in and out of the shops, and with our newly repaired shop doors, we’re good to go! They have a saying that your day/month/year is what you make of it, and we’re determined to make 2023 our year for fun, growth, and community. We’ve got a few community events in the works for car enthusiasts and trailer clients alike, so be sure to check out our community events calendar where we’ll post our events and…

  • What's Happening

    Rounding Out 2022

    We’re rounding out 2022! We are on the home stretch; 2022 came in like a lion and is leaving like an angry bear. We’ve experienced parts shortages, delays, and hiccups one after another. Yet, through it all, Columbia Auto Repair and Sales has continued to push through and get things done, and we’re looking forward to working on some new projects that have come into the shop. We hope you all have a happy and safe new year!

  • What's Happening

    End of Year Updates

    We have some end of year updates! We are now entering the slower time of the year, and that means that it is COLD. Projects are taking a bit longer due to the ongoing supply chain issues across the various vendors that we use. We’re still getting customers contacting us about doing partial and full restorations, and trailer sales are still ongoing, even if a bit slower than during the summer. Mt. Hood is looking especially white and glorious with his coat of snow, shining in the sun. Everyone is on the road heading hither and yon for all sorts of winter holiday fun. Be safe when traveling, and be…