1952 Dodge B3-C Pickup Truck

Another big Dodge beast that is waiting in the wings is this 1952 Dodge B3-C pickup truck. It is on the line for complete body work, prime, paint and some minor mechanical work. Soon, Big Red, soon. July 6, 2020We have started on the Dodge B3-C Pickup by sanding it down, cleaning up any rust and body imperfections, and have put on primer on a majority of the pieces. We still have a few areas that need touched up with the primer before we can move on to the painting process.

1963 Dodge DE200 Crew Cab Truck

You don’t see these vintage 60s crew cab trucks much anymore. This restoration comes straight from the heart, as the owner’s father used to own this truck and it holds priceless sentimental value. We just started on this project, which will be needing complete body work, prime and paint . December 23rd, 2019We have applied an epoxy primer to the Dodge DE200 Crew Cab, making the surface a more durable base for when we apply the next layers in the paint transformation. June 13, 2020We’ve come a long way since December! Body has been cleaned of all rust, patched and primer was put on. We sent the truck off to The Dalles Collision Center, and Travis and crew applied this Read More

2001 Pontiac Grand Prix – $2,000

If you’re looking for a roomy, efficient run around car, this 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix may be the car for you. This car has an automatic transmission, A/C, AM/FM/CD, cruise control, dual-zone heating and cooling in the front, center console storage. Car seats four people comfortably, and the trunk has ample room. Odometer currently reads 147,464 miles. Owner made note of a few issues with the vehicle, listed below:– Oil change light is on– Coolant light is on– Power steering pump is leaking Asking $2,000, but the owner is open to negotiating. Vehicle is for sale on consignment by the owner.