1952 Dodge B3-C Pickup Truck

Big Red, as I called this 1952 Dodge B3-C pickup truck, was a truck that needed to be shown some old fashioned TLC when he arrived at the shop in the early summer of 2020. We started with removing all of the glass, and removing body panels, fenders, hood and tailgate to get at the sections better for sanding. We noticed that the doors had a lot of small dimpling, which needed to be filled and sanded to become smooth and flush with the rest of the door. After a lot of man hours doing prep work on the body and bed, we were able to get a good couple coats of primer on it. While we were waiting on some parts, we were able to get started on the engine and components to get it in top notch running condition. 


Once we were passed the primer stage, we started applying the black interior paint for the cab of the truck and on the front and rear bumpers. Once that was completed, several light coats of this candy apple red color went on the exterior. A new oak wood-slat bed stained in a nice red tone went on as the wiring and engine work was completed, and a new upholstered bench seat was installed inside the cab. New chrome wheels with the same red as an accent color and some new tires helped finish off this nearly year long restoration project.